Saltzman for Sheriff

Who is Tim

My name is Tim Saltzman, and I want to be your Sheriff.

 I am a member of the 6th generation of the Saltzman family that resides in Hancock County. My parents (Paul L. Saltzman and Kathy J. Gaertner) both were active in the community and believed in serving the public while giving back in any way they could. I learned from my parents ideology that giving back to the community you live in brings everyone together and is self-rewarding. At the age of 19 years old, I started my service in criminal justice with the Hancock County Sheriff Office as a corrections office. From there I went on to work for the National Security Agency (holding a Top Secret clearance), Wood County Sheriffs office, Fostoria Police Department, and then back to the Hancock County Sheriffs office where I held numerous positions. While working at the Hancock County Sheriffs office, I was able to work and learn every facet of the office including: road deputy, field training officer, transport/warrant division, issuing CCW license, court security, dispatch, evidence manager, and school resource officer and crime prevention. Due to the direction of the Sheriffs office was heading, I left employment there to broaden my knowledge and skill set and took a job with Advanced Drainage Systems in Findlays corporate office. There I worked with numerous budgets, safety plans, and learning ways to better process while increasing profits. After the school shootings in Florida, I was asked by school administrators to help with the creation of a position that would better suit our county schools. From there, we created a safety and security position that makes more sense for schools and allows them maximize the expense by utilizing the person in several ways inside the school. With this forward thinking we will better secure our schools while gaining more with the new expense.

For more than 20 years, Tim Saltzman has dedicated himself to a successful career in criminal justice and law enforcement. Tim credits his drive and commitment to the community to his parents Paul and Kathy Saltzman.  They taught him that giving back to the community where you serve brings people together for the betterment of everyone around you.  Tim’s hard work and dedication allowed him to work full time while earning a college degree in Criminal Justice from Tiffin University.

In 2000, at the age of 19, Tim started his career with the Hancock County Sheriff’s office as a corrections officer.  In 2005, Tim left the Sheriff’s office to join the NSA where he earned Top Security Clearance, a status that very few individuals ever obtain.  Tim rejoined the Hancock County Sheriff’s office in 2006-2017, where he served in several different capacities; serving as evidence manager, training new officers, a CIT community partnership board member, and School Resource Officer for the Hancock County Schools.

Tim currently serves as the Director of Safety and Security as well as the Co-Athletic Director for Arcadia High School.  This is a position developed by Saltzman that saves Arcadia money by utilizing him multiple capacities while increasing engagement with students.  

Tim is married to Alicia Saltzman, and they have a daughter, Adelei, who is currently a sophomore at Findlay High School.  The Saltzman’s are members of Parkview Christain Church in Findlay and enjoy spending free time with family and friends around Hancock County.