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Letters of Support

The primary election is approaching soon. The past several terms Sheriff Heldman has been un-apposed on the electoral ballot. I believe this should be a year of change by having a second name added to the electoral ballot for the position of Sheriff of Hancock County. That name is Tim Saltzman.

As my supervisor in 2017-2018, Tim possessed good leadership and problem-solving skills. He had exposure to department budgeting for the next fiscal year with keeping cost in mind. Tim also looked for opportunities to cut current spending cost by questioning if something could be done differently to save money. He even took on tasks himself in order to cut spending cost. Tim was always willing to help anyone who asked him for help or advice. He never found it beneath his title or station to help and work with others outside of his department.

The position of Sheriff has several skill sets and character qualities to be considered in electing our next candidate to office. Good leadership, ethics, work experience, budgeting, drive, and accomplishing set goals, are some of the skills to be taken into consideration. I believe Tim has these qualities to take on the position as the next Sheriff of Hancock County. Even though he has the potential to excel in the corporate world, his passion is for law, serving and protecting our community and improving the security of our schools. In 2018 Tim was presented the opportunity to provide security for Arcadia school. Understanding those needs, he took the risk by presenting his own program to best fit those needs while benefiting the school in other areas to help keep their cost down.

It has been a privilege to know Tim the past two years. Learning about the steps and process an individual must take to have their name placed on the electoral ballot in order to run for office shows me that Tim sets goals and has the determination to find ways to accomplish those goals. I can see his potential in setting attainable goals for the Sheriff Office, community and our schools and accomplishing those goals. I know my vote will be for Tim Saltzman on March 17, 2020.

Stephani Leedy


First off I would like to thank Mr Saltzman for being a huge help  in my high school as well as serving our community as a law enforcement  officer. Mr Saltzman has helped me in many different ways, and been a  big inspiration throughout my time in high school. When I was a junior, I  came up to him to ask him about how to get into law enforcement. He was  always honest and helped me look at all of my options and gave me some  good resources to look into, to get into the program. Later in that year  I redirected what path I wanted to take in life and I chose to enlist  into the United States Army. 

Mr Saltzman helped me decide what MOS to  choose and why and helped me look into myself and figure out what job I  would be best at, and helped me choose this career. I enlisted into the  Army June 11th 2018, as a 68Whisky Combat Medic. He supported my  decision fully throughout my senior year. He was always a huge  inspiration, and a great role model to look up too. He showed me many  characteristics and traits I would need for the military. He always was  professional, and showed how a hard working, respectful adult should  act, and look like, and treat others. He continues to support me, and  will always be there for me when I need advice even though I’m no longer  in high school. This just shows how caring he is. I will always look up  to him as a role model, a hard worker, and a huge contributor to our  community. 


Eric Musson