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Tim Saltzman for Sheriff


As your next sheriff, I am committed to real engagement and leadership for Hancock County and our sheriff’s office.  My priorities are to put $1 million of your tax dollars back to work by reducing administrative overhead and getting more deputies patrolling our county roadways.  I’ll bring a renewed focus to fiscal restraint to protect your tax dollars while improving school safety and protecting our communities.  The status quo is no longer acceptable and my 20 years of law enforcement experience ensures I am ready to tackle these challenges.


With the primary election cancelled, the state legislators have decided all votes will be cast by absentee ballot and must be postmarked by April 27th.   All early votes and absentee votes will be counted.   Download a request for an absentee ballot below and vote for a New Approach -- Tim Saltzman for Hancock County Sheriff.   Fill out the request for an absentee ballot and submit to the Hancock County Board of Elections.  Once verified, the Board of Elections will send you a ballot to complete and return.  All absentee votes must be postmarked by April 27th to be counted. 


Absentee Ballot Request

Absentee Application (pdf)


The Platform

More Boots on the Ground

My plan is to place more deputies on the road by eliminating waste and administrative overhead.   There is currently staff in place to make this happen.  We need to get some of the people with administrative desk jobs, back out on the roadways making the county safe.    

Safe Schools & Communities

I plan to work closely with local schools to look at new options that better protect our children.  My experience as a school resource officer and most recently as Director of Safety & Security at Arcadia Schools has provided me vast experience in this area.   Addressing local drug issues and finding solutions will also help to make our communities a safer place to live and raise a family.  By working together and with community resource agencies, we can address these issues and find solutions. 

Fiscal Responsibility

You work hard for your money and those tax dollars that help fund the Hancock County Sheriff's Office need to be spent wisely.   I plan to eliminate waste and reduce overhead.   I have on-the-job experience at almost all aspects of the sheriff's office and know where the department can be improved and tax dollars saved.   Building strong working relationships with other community organizations will have all of us working together for common goals as efficiently 

 as possible. 

County Jail Overcrowding and Options

I am not in favor of the financing mechanism that the voters rejected by 72%.  As sheriff, I would like to explore criminal justice reform, alternatives to jail sentencing for non-violent offenders and look at programs for juveniles.   Jail overcrowding is not a local issue, but a statewide issue.  Ultimately, if additional jail space is needed, by working with other agencies on a multi-jurisdictional approach, the financial burden would not be left  for the citizens of Hancock County to carry alone.  I will work closely with mental health and ADAMHS boards for better rehabilitation and with other groups to help inmates after incarceration, so they can obtain employment and stability in the community. 


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March 6, 2019

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